Our Approach

CHC Custom solutions include all consulting, design, coordination, integration, programming, and training services to cover the infrastructure of your project. The Infrastructure should be viewed like a computer. The infrastructure of a computer is everything that resides within the confines of the computer case, ie motherboard, power supply, CPU, expansion cards, expansion ports, etc. All of the other devices that make up a computer system are peripheral, ie monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer, scanner, etc. The CHC Infrastructure consists of the hardware and software that support the peripherals, with great concern placed on future expandability and upgrading.

Consulting and Design

Rough In & Wiring – After initial consultation CHC will present a comprehensive wire design for review. Upon revision of the initial plan, a second discussion will be scheduled for final approval and plan submittal. Floor plans will be submitted with and individual wire identification worksheet for proposal purposes.

Trim & Schematics – CHC will produce all necessary schematics for sub contractors to integrate their systems into the main home automation system. This includes any wire terminations, power requirements, communication protocols, and programming instructions.

Equipment & Components – Prior to any electronic equipment being ordered by subcontractors, CHC will go through an equipment selection exercise to determine what products will be purchased for the project. CHC will then itemize a list of components with pricing, manufacturer info, part number, web link, and vendor info for the project, which will be communicated to each relevant subcontractors for proposal generation.


As part of our full service process, CHC will manage all design phases to completion by communicating with each of the following relevant sub contractors to ensure that what is designed on paper is fulfilled in construction: HVAC, Security, Electrical, Pool, Phone, Video, Computer Network, AV, Doors, Windows, Garage/Gate, Landscape, Plumbing, Window Treatments.


The integration infrastructure is the brain by which the entire house functions and communicates. Similar to a computer, all devices are connected together to achieve cohesive communication and control. The CHC home software provides web based control of these devices through a plug and play interface. The programming interface includes support for all screen sizes. With the installation of a VPN router we also create a VPN “tunnel” from our offices to your home to enable instant programming upgrades, changes, and additions.


CHC utilizes web technology as the control user interface for the home. We design the navigation, layout, look, and feel based on experience and customer feedback. Since each client is different, we offer customized programming services specifically for your needs. This service can be used to change navigation, graphics, colors, layout, or any other user interface items.


The possibilities one can imagine of having a professionally designed network of computers around your home opens a world of technology that can take years to figure out. Our account management team or “Technology Consultants,” make their primary responsibility to train our clients to use technology to make their lives better.