Our History

CHC has been the recipient of many industry leading awards, including: “Mark of Excellence Award Winner”-2000 Home Automation Association, “Top 50 Installers of the Year”-1999 Electronic House, “1st Place”-1990 National Builders Association, “1997 HA Pro System of the Month”, and “1st Place”-1989 Street of Dreams. We have also been featured on TBS and ABC News, in articles in Electronic House Magazine, HA Pro Magazine, Smart Money, New York Times Magazine, the San Diego Union Tribune, and CE Pro, along with designing the technology in the cover homes of Audio Video Interiors, San Diego Home/Garden, and San Diego magazines. o Custom Home Control consults, designs, and develops on high end residential automation solutions. Located in the city of Temecula, we are about 1 hour between San Diego, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, and Orange County. We have been contracted around the world by various clients and have traveled extensively.

The initial design is accomplished by CHC, and then we work with your local contractors to supervise and coordinate the automation project. The programming and system implementation is primarily accomplished remotely by CHC.

We have found that the most advantageous approach to automation is system integration. Relying on one processor has too many disadvantages. Our approach at system integration has benefited us to attaining a great deal of knowledge for most of the major individual systems. We have worked with most major manufacturers of automated processors such as Leviton, Lutron, Lite-Touch, Vantage, Touch Plate, Logic Center, AMX, Crestron, Lexicon, IHS, Samantha, Westec, Honeywell, Mastervoice, and X10, to name a few. CHC has been involved with Home Automation since 1980 and started specializing in 1986.

CHC is endorsed by most of the automation systems manufacturers, has made guest appearances, and has been a paid consultant for fortune 500 companies like Leviton, Lutron, Honeywell, Mastervoice (AVI), Westec.


“Mark of Excellence Award Winner”
2000 Home Automation Association

“Top 50 Installer of the Year”
1999 Electronic House

1997 Home Automation

National Builders Association 1990

Street Of Dreams 1989